What Is LRS, procedures for filing LRS in Telangana state

What is Land Regularisation for Open Plots, what is the procedure to apply for LRS?

Telangana LRS Scheme 2022


Mr. Somesh Kumar, Chief Secretary, Telangana government had issued directives to update specific clauses of the rules of Government Order No. 135, which was issued on September 16. In the wake of the latest version of the scheme, the government will provide seven slabs, instead of four slabs in the GO No. 131, which was dated August 31, just like the previous LRS scheme in 2015. The government also announced new regularization charges based on the price of the plot of dates of the 26th of August 2020. The update was recently made by the authorities in charge of the Government of Telangana. Because of this update, numerous new modifications can be observed in the rules for regularization that govern the state.

Objective Of Telangana LRS Scheme 2022

When the updated information on the regularization charges was released by the secretary in charge He also stated that the change was made considering the number of inquiries being received each day from concerned residents of the state. Everyone in the state was dissatisfied because the regularisation charges were quite expensive. The LRS scheme that was announced in 2015 came with the lowest regularization charges when compared to changes that were made just a few years prior. Similar issues were highlighted by several MLAs in the Assembly on Wednesday. The assembly also heard from Minister K.T. Rama Rao also addressed the question and stated that regularization fees will be similar to the ones in the scheme in 2015.

  • Charges

    The government has recently issued changes to the costs associated with the regularisation of land for open plots within Telugu State. The charges will be calculated on the price of the land at the time of the 26th of August and 27, 2020. This change is due to the requests of residents who live in this state.

    Before this, the regularisation charges were quite high and wouldn’t be affordable to those from the middle and lower income brackets. To encourage landowners as well as builders to regularly manage their plots and build, the government has reduced the cost. The state government hopes that this cut will encourage those who want to regularly manage their open plots.


    Regularisation Costs

    The changes in regularization fees are as follows in these step-by-step instructions These are:

    • Sub-registrar values of less than Rs. 3,000 per square yard, the cost will be 20 percent.
    • Between Rs. 3,001 to Rs. 5,00, 30 percent
    • Between Rs 5,001 to Rs 10,000,40 per cent
    • The amount is between Rs 10,001 and Rs 20,00. 50 percent
    • Between Rs 20,001 and 30,600, 60 percent
    • Between Rs. 30,001 and 50,008 at 80 percent
    • Above the threshold of Rs 50,000 per sq yd Sub-registrar value will be 100.
    • If open space of 10 percent is not available on the layout not approved and open space charges pro-rata equal to 14 percent of the plot’s amount in force on the day of registration for the plot are incurred instead of the current rate in effect as of August 26 or 27th, 2020.
    • The LRS regularisation fees comprise fees for the NALA cost (for the change from agricultural to non-agricultural use of land)
    • There is no separate NALA fee that will be paid by LRS applicants.


  • Guidelines for LRS

    Open plots may be regulated by the government only if they meet certain conditions. In particular, the land must not be situated on a government-owned water body or within the area of a Government Poramboke, and it is not permitted to be in an unapproved plan. Also, it cannot be located within an unapproved subdivision. Additionally, it must not be unoccupied.

    The application should be submitted by the owner who has the right over the property. The application must be attested by a self-attested copy of title deeds as well as sale deeds. Furthermore, it must be accompanied by a certification issued by the Tahsildar for the Taluk. Also, it should have an official status report which confirms that the layout doesn’t interfere with the flood channels or irrigation levels.


    Applications online for LRS

    The Telangana government has released new guidelines for land encroachments. Under the plan that applies to encroached land of up to 125 square meters will be regularly scheduled for regularisation at no cost for those who have larger land encroachments will also be regularised at the cost of the sum of Rs. 1,000. The Telangana government also has set new regularisation charges that are based on the market value currently for the land.


    The Land Regularisation Scheme is a new initiative by the Telangana government to ease the process of developing land. It applies to plots that were registered before 31 March 2018 within the state’s newly-formed municipalities. If you own an open space within the HMDA boundaries, you may apply online. In other regions, it is possible to go to your local civic authority to complete your application.


  • Costs revised for LRS

    The Government of Telangana has revised the cost of regularization of land across the state. The new costs are dependent on the worth of the property. In the end, there is a dramatic reduction in the cost for those seeking to purchase open land that is in the state. This move has been beneficial to a variety of small- and middle-income businesses and families. It also gives homeowners and developers an additional incentive to keep their plots in order.


    The state government of Telangana has updated its Land Regularisation Scheme, which has cut down on the cost of open plots across the state. The new rules also apply to unapproved plots and layouts that are not approved by the state. The new regulations stipulate that 10 percent of plots have to be sold using a registered sale deed. All plots that are not legal will be permitted to remain open following August 26, therefore it is imperative to have the legal procedure completed as soon as you can.


    The Government of Telangana has launched new land regularisation regulations by introducing an update to the Telangana LRS Scheme for the year 2021. In this article, we will discuss all kinds of questions that are related to the Telangana Government’s regularization of an approved and illegal layout rules scheme that was launched by the authorities concerned in 2021. In this article, you’ll learn about the specifics of the scheme so that you are aware of the latest changes that are being implemented by the concerned officials from the state government. We will also provide you with the specific requirements to apply for registration in the layout regularisation scheme for the Telangana government for 2021.

Required Rules


All applicants who apply to join the scheme have to adhere to the rules in detail.


    • The width of roads must be at least nine meters.
    • In the case of less robust sections or plots smaller than 100 square meters, the width of the road could be as low as six meters.
    • If the necessary road width is not accessible, the needed depth to widen the road equally to the two sides is enforced and the water bodies will remain within the design.
    • The measure of regularization is not suitable for layouts or plots that are subject to the law on land ceilings and land disputes, claims on boundaries, title disputes, etc.
    • For allocated lands prior approval with the local collector needs to be obtained from the district collector.
    • Even if just a few plot holders apply to be regularised in an unapproved layout plan pattern it was approved by the authority in charge
    • The applicant should provide copies of the title deed and not more than one copy.
    • A sale agreement as well as the power of attorney general should not be considered to be evidence.
    • There is no layout or development permitted within the bed of water bodies, and also at the level of the full tank (FTL) for any pond, lake, or lake “Kunta,” and also in the lands of ‘Shikar.
    • Courses and water bodies are maintained as buffer zones for recreation and green and layout development activities other than recreational can be allowed within the-
    • 30 meters from the line of the river course/lakes in the region of 10 hectares and more
    • 9 meters away from the border of the lakes or “kurtas/shikar” land of fewer than 10 hectares
    • 9 meters from the boundary that define the boundaries of the canal “vague and ‘ambiguous. and two meters away from the boundaries is the Nala stormwater drain.

Application Method for Telangana LRS Scheme 2022


To apply for the scheme, Please follow the step-by-step process that follows:


    • The first step is to visit the official site of the Telangana LRS scheme
    • Telangana LRS Scheme
    • You will arrive on the home page of the scheme.
    • On the homepage, click on the option titled Apply for LRS.
    • Telangana LRS Scheme application
    • An entirely new web page be displayed on your screen
    • Two options will appear on the screen. the second option.
    • Indian
    • NRIs
    • Choose the option you like best.
    • Enter your mobile number
    • Select Generate OTP
    • An OTP will be sent to your mobile
    • Enter your OTP
    • Click on the link that says Validate OTP
    • Registration forms will be displayed on your screen.
    • Fill in all of the details
    • Make sure you pay your bill.
    • You can pay through this gateway. ICICI Bank gateway
    • Then, you must provide some documents
    • You must complete the form.
    • Self-attested copy of the initial page of the title deed or registered sale deed in the event of plots that are not sold.
    • The owner of the layout is required to record copies of the sale deeds for at least 10% of the total plots.
    • Click submit
    • Telangana LRS Scheme Application Status


If you wish to know your status on your application, then you must go with the following instructions:


    • The first step is to visit their official website for the Telangana LRS scheme
    • You will arrive on the main page of the scheme.
    • On the home page, click on the link that says Check your application status.
    • Telangana LRS Scheme status
    • The new webpage will be displayed on your screen
    • Enter your acknowledgment number.
    • Click to submit
    • The status will be displayed on your screen
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