What is DTCP Approval

What Are The DTCP-Approved Plots?

DTCP also known as the Directorate of Town and Country Planning is the state agency that supervises the town’s development and planning in the city. They oversee all planning within areas under their control.


The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) develops policies that establish an integrated plan for development. The department is an agency that oversees the urban and planning process in every state. It is a regular govt agency. The DTCP provides advice to other planning bodies and agencies on residential and commercial real estate and urban planning to control development and stop unauthorized constructions. For those contemplating purchasing open plots for residential or commercial use and wish to build on the land, you must obtain the DTCP approval.

What Is DTCP Approval?


DTCP approval refers to the whole layout plan being approved by the state in which you are buying the open plot. Many people prefer open plots as an investment option or to build their own nest. Each layout plan has to be approved by the Director of Town and Country Planning before it is put to use and start construction or development on that open plot.


Every state is required to adhere to DTCP approval and follow the procedures for the construction of open plots. Each state has a separate DTCP body. Each state has its website dedicated to DTCP and one can check if the plot you want has been DTCP certified or not.

How to check the DTCP details of your open plot

For open plots in and around Hyderabad and Telangana, one can go to the official Telangana government’s DTCP website (or the website of the state govt. where the open plot is situated – recommended for other states) to determine whether the layout has been DTCP certified or not.

Visit Telangana Govt. DTCP website (or the DTCP website of your state where you intend to purchase the plot) select the district and ULB name and click on DTCP.


After you click and then click on the link, you’ll be directed to the next webpage where you’ll be asked to log in using your credentials, followed by your mobile number registered with the service and the file number.


After filling in the required information and clicking on Show Status, you will be able to view your account details.

You may also go to the local government agency in the area where your property is located to confirm DTCP approval.


Wherever the plot is located or to whichever jurisdiction of the state it belongs to, the process remains almost the same. Hence one must adhere to the norms of one’s state govt. while purchasing an open plot.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In DTCP-Approved Plots?

There are numerous advantages when you purchase a DTCP-approved layout. The benefits are numerous and you should never hesitate to know more about these benefits.


  • Free of legal issues & assured growth

Not only does the layout that has been accepted by the DTCP is free of legal issues, but it will assist you in making your investment grow over time. Layouts that have been approved by DTCP are advantageous for real estate developers and even customers since they are legal and can’t be destroyed once they have been approved.


  • Complying with safety guidelines of the state

They also comply with specific guidelines regarding public space along with road size. Thus, a DTCP-approved design is an integral component of any real property development that is being developed in Hyderabad along with other states too.


  • A fully developed area with basic amenities

The most significant provisions to be considered in DTCP layout plans include the inclusion of roads that are open as well as playgrounds, parks as well as playgrounds, and parks, etc. It also stipulates that a sufficient space should be created between the buildings and that 5ft and 10ft widths of roads are required in residential layouts.


  • Guidelines and support by the govt. for metropolitan development

The DTCP is the body that advises Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TIIC) as well as the Urban Development Authorities (UDAs) on the best location for new developments within their areas of jurisdiction. The DTCP also offers advice to Municipal Councils on which sites and services they should offer to businesses and residents. It also has similar guidelines as the HMDA which was set up to oversee planned development within the larger Hyderabad metropolitan region.

Why DTCP Approval Is Essential?

The main reason for obtaining DTCP acceptance is to verify that the plan is in line with all of the provisions required by the Town and Country Planning Act. This includes things such as the minimum size of plots, the proper space between buildings, the location of vital services, etc.


In the absence of DTCP permission, you might not be eligible to obtain a building permit or even utilize the property for any use other than agriculture.

How Long Does It Take To Get The DTCP Approval?


After your layout has been DTCP-approved and DTCP-approved, it will be put before the council for approval. It can take as long as 90 days for the council to approve an approved layout, but it is essential to follow these steps. You will be informed of any denials or approvals within a matter of days. The DTCP will issue an approval letter when your layout complies with the standards. When the DTCP-approved layout has been accepted the layout will be delivered to the Panchayat Secretary.


It is important to be mindful that the DTCP approval process can take an extended time, and should be initiated immediately after you have purchased your open plot. This will ensure there aren’t any delays in the process of registering your property with the office of the sub-registrar

After your DTCP layout plan has been approved by the government of the state, you can buy or sell your open plots in that layout. Additionally, you will receive an approval letter for your layout to be submitted along with your property paperwork in the process of registration at the office of the sub-registrar.


The primary method of getting DTCP the approval to layout is sending plans to the town planner department, who, upon reviewing the plan, returns it with suggestions for what improvements can be made or what changes are required. Then, you can make the adjustments and resubmit the layout. After DTCP approval is granted, you are then able to sell and purchase property on that

How To Determine What Layout You’re Planning To Purchase Is DTCP-Approved?


Before investing in any open plot, one can check for the DTCP-approved layout certificate that lies with the developer itself. Generally, they have the layout-approved diagram along with other marketing documents. If the developer isn’t sure of the layout that has been approved by DTCP and is unable to provide it, or if the builder isn’t in a position to offer a DTCP-approved layout, then it’s better not to purchase the plot.

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