Best Vaastu advice when choosing open plots

Best Vaastu advice when choosing open plots

The home we call ours is a safe and cosy nest where we feel the comfort, love, and safety of those we love most. It’s also the location where emotions reside and where many wonderful memories are kept. It’s not just a structure of four walls, but it will be an inheritance for generations to follow. Therefore, one should research the area, the legal aspects that are involved, as well as how to determine the Vaastu that the bowl. Vaastu shastra has plenty of Gyan to provide when it is investing in plots, whether residential or commercial.


When you have an area that is Vaastu compliant, it results from many fortunes positive energy, progress, and positivity in your life. Finding a suitable urban plot is among the toughest challenges. One of the main challenges faced by people today is finding the right plot with perfect Vaastu. A plot is an area in which you can build your own home or shop, or even a factory. Choosing the best location with an apt Vaastu for your plot can result in massive profits and huge income. Vaastu Shastra offers amazing suggestions to select the right plots, and following them will bring harmony, happiness, and success to your life. Let’s take a look at some Vaastu suggestions for selecting of plot and making an informed choice.

Design and shape of the plot
  • When purchasing a plot, the first thing to do is to keep an eye on the design that the plot. Choosing an odd shape of the plot could cause an imbalance in your life and is not a good idea for a fresh start. In Vaastu Shastra, sticking to regular shapes like squares or rectangles is the most suitable. If you’re planning to spend a large sum of money to purchase something so pick the appropriate shape. Be sure to ensure that your plot’s length is located in the west or east direction since it is thought to be a sign of good luck.

  • Perfect Plot Shapes

Square Plot

Square Plots are great for both residential and commercial use. Square plots are free of any incomplete or missing corners and are believed to be lucky as per Vaastu. Select the north eastern or East facing, or north-facing plots to reap the highest returns.


Rectangular Plot

Like Square Rectangular plots offer the completeness of your home and commercial spaces. Properties that are North or South Slope are good as Vaastu suggests. Select a rectangular plot that has a that and length ratio of less than 1:2 to reap the maximum benefits. i.e., length of the plot should be less than twice of the width of the plot.


  • Spaces that are not used in the plot:

The plot of land is cut systematized way that is, only an architectural professional comprehends the topography. When choosing a plot, make sure there aren’t open spaces on the northern portion. The best open spaces are in the southern part of the property, with a lot of open space north is thought to be unlucky and is a source of destruction, and should be is best avoided.


  • Main Entrance to the plot:

The best way for cutting the principal entrance to the plot is to cut it in the middle-west or northern section in the northern part of the plot.


  • Affordable Direction of the Plot:

A plot that has roads across every side is thought of as to be a sign of good fortune. If having roads on all sides isn’t possible, plots can be selected by the job and the position of their owner. If someone is a priest, teacher, or professor by profession, plots facing east are the most suitable. For people who work as an administrator or as government workers, plots with a northern aspect are ideal. For those who are business-oriented and work in the south, the area facing south is believed to be positive, whereas, for those who work in social services and social work, the west-facing plot is a good idea.


  • North-east Cut

The northeast corner is believed to be the most fortunate corner, as per Vaastu Shastra when it comes to buying land. If the plot is cut in this direction and they believe that it is not a good choice for any reason. The owner may not be able to see any improvement in their lives.


  • North-West cut

For residential use, a cut on the northwest corner indicates illness within the family. If the property is intended used for commercial purposes it is possible that you will not see an increase in profits.


  • Cut in the South-West

The southwest cut creates unnecessary pressure in our lives. It could be relationships, work or health issues, money, or any other factor that can cause psychological problems.


  • South-east Cut

Vaastu declares the South-east cut is an obstacle in your life. The problem could lead to the suffering of disease, poverty, and even loss to your family or business. If you’re commercial pilots with cuts in the southeast, you can attempt to fix it with Vaastu solutions.

  • Other Vaastu strategies for plot selection Land Shapes
  • Lion Shape

This design is used in Vaastu Shastra to purchase land that is wide at the front, but narrower toward the end, and is reminiscent of the body of an animal like a lion. Vaastu refers to it as Shermukhi Plots which bring good fortune to the landowner. The wider portion of the plot should include the North side. The roads should be located on either the northern or eastern part of the land. The lion is a symbol of strength, power as well as control and control. This is why the Shermukhi property is ideal for commercial uses.

  • Cow Form

Its Cow Shape properties represent a cow. Vaastu describes this shape as Gaumukhi Plot and it brings good luck to the person who owns it. Based on Hindu Tradition, they consider cows as holy animals. This is why these plots are suitable for every purpose.

The larger part should be located in the direction of the northeast. South and the Western portion is perfect for road construction. For the narrow northeast corner plot, Vaastu declares the plot to be unlucky because the narrow ends are towards the east and has roads that face the east.

  • Vaastu tests to determine the positivity of the land


  • The Water Test

Start by digging a hole that is 18″ across all sides. Then fill it with water. After waiting for 3 minutes, if your ground absorbs the water leaving less than 15 cm of the remnant, don’t buy the land. If the water is up to 30 cm deep the land is of moderate quality. The land is ready for buying when the ground absorbs the water (even that water that is not absorbed) within the pit shifts in a clockwise direction the land is a sign of the positive flow of energy. You can purchase such land even though it is priced high.


On, the other hand the counter-clock movement of the water is a sign of an energy drain. Vaastu says that the owner is afflicted by losses in wealth or fame, lure, accident, or health issues after buying the property.

    • Test for Seed Germination

    The test begins with the spread of Basil seeds over the surface. Next, you must water them and allow them to sprout. Basil is a highly beneficial plant in that positive soil is positive. The land is beneficial when seeds sprout into healthy plants. Avoid the land if the seeds do not germinate.


    • Test for Smell

    In order to conduct the tests, take off from the surface of the soil and then dig a little from beneath. If the soil is smelling of foul smell, it will bring misfortune and destruction. In accordance with Vaastu Shastra that if the air smells fresh and sweet, it’s a good choice to purchase.


    Above mentioned inputs are generalised once, and will differ from individual to individual, and differ from residential plots to farmlands to apartments, hence pls consult the experts for your specific requirements.  Vaastu Sastra is a Hindu practice believed to be for betterment of owner / residents of the property, greatness of Vaastu is that it offers greater flexibilities and adjustments, it also suggests alternative solutions in the event of any defects.  


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    Selecting the right location for your plot can be the very first thing for you to do for your dream home. To live a joyful and fulfilling life in your home, adhere to the suggestions and select the best huge and stunning area for your dream home.


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